About bntnews
Corporate Name   bntnews Co., Ltd.
Founder   Lee Seung jin
Service Address   www.bntnews.co.uk
Business Area   Internet news service : Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment

K-wave contents : K-pop, K-drama, K-movie

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Address   10F, Seongdo Bldg, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Contact us   Phone : +82-2-511-9822

Fax : +82-2-511-9823

Established Year   March, 2009
Company History
Year   History

Established comprehensive media bntnews corporation


Developed bntnews service

Alliance with and funded by Hankyung.com Co., Ltd.


Conducting press of Asia Model Awards

Alliance with Korea / international major press and professional magazines


Donated to Korea Food for the Hungry International Aggregate Corporation

Alliance with Korea’s major portal websites

Partnership with China’s Xinhua News Agency and Japan’s Jiji Press


Media sponsor to PRET-A-PORTER BUSAN

Voluntary service and donating to Busan Young kwang Rehabilitation Center

Opened bntnews.co.kr / http://bntnews.hankyung.com/

Began to provide news articles to portal websites and alliance companies

Established branch office in Tokyo, Japan


Number one media specialized in fashion and beauty (92% share), ranked 6th in area of professional news

Organized bntnews Asian entertainers volunteer group (Majority of k-wave stars participated especially from YG Family, Sidus HQ)


Opened bntnews Japan Service

Published K-wave magazine, bntnews international in a variety of languages

Held a charity event with bntnews Asian entertainer volunteers group to celebrate opening of bntnews Japan.


bntnews Photo exhibition of K-wave stars at Hankyung Building

2010. 03  

Opened bntnews China and Vietnam

2010. 04  

Launched bntnews Japan Mobile News Service

2010. 06  

Opened bntnews Indonesia and began providing news service

2010. 07  

Opened Bae Yong joon Japan DA Mobile Service with K-wave news

Press Support to the Korea Tourist Service, Inc. and KOTRA (K-wave EXPO)

Planned relay voluntary work by Korean entertainers

Provided K-wave news to Japan NTT Docomo

Provided K-wave news to Yahoo Japan K-Direct Shopping Mall

Press Supporting to tourism publicity drama ‘Haru’ made by the Korea Tourist Service, Inc.

2010. 08  

International press support to Tokyo Production Press Conference of K-wave star drama ‘Haru’

2010. 09  

Opened bntnews Indonesia and Philippines

2010. 10  

bntnews Photo Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan (K-wave stars / drama ‘Haru’) 
- Place: The Korean Embassy in Japan
- Cooperation: The Korean Embassy in Japan and The Korea Tourist Service, Inc.

Opened bntnews Tokyo Media Center

Held Photo Exhibition to celebrate the opening of Tokyo Media Center

Press Support to The First K-wave EXPO (Bangkok, Thailand)

Held Photo Exhibition (K-wave star KEE2010 Bangkok)

Partnership with Thailand Mono Group

Press support to the First Korean Film Festival in Bangkok, Thailand

2010. 12  

Opened bntnews Japan 2010 Settlement Photo Exhibition

Began to provide news articles to Japan Show Time and Mobile Game Portal Gree

2011. 01  

Press support to The first K-wave Lantern Festival in Bangkok, Thailand

Press support to The First Princess Cup Taekwondo Contest in Thailand

2011. 02  

Conducting press of Asia Model Awards

2011. 03  

Began to provide news to ‘Enjoy Korea’ in Japan

Opened bntnews Thai (Bangkok, Thailand)

2011. 05  

bntnews in Korea relocated to current address: 10th floor, Sungdo Bld., Sinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul, Korea

2011. 06  

Held bntnews Photo Exhibition of K-wave stars at Hankyung building

2011. 08  

Contracted with Chinese portal websites Sina and Sohu

2011. 12  

Press support to 2011 Korea brand & K-wave EXPO in Paris

KBEE2011 PARIS, FRANCE / bntnews K-wave stars Photo Exhibition

Opened bntnews France and began to provide news service

Contracted with QQ China

Contracted with Yahoo Taiwan and Hong Kong

Awarded from Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for developing cultural industry

2012. 01  

Press Support to the 7th Asia Model Awards

Organized BFBA2012 (bntnews Fashion Brand Awards)

Held bntnews Photo Exhibition of ZE:A in Japan (Cooperated with The Embassy of Korea in Japan)

2012. 04  

Opened bntnews in English (United States / United Kingdom)

2012. 05  

Recruited professional correspondents in Paris, France

2012. 06  

Began to provide K-wave news to Kwave section in Yahoo branches

2012. 07  

Held Photo Exhibition to celebrate KBS ‘KBS Kwave’

bntnews Thailand Photo Exhibition (Cooperation with The Embassy of Korea in Thailand)

Press support to Korean Day 2012 in Thailand (Cooperation with The Embassy of Korea in Thailand)

2012. 09  

Korea-Japan Festival (bntnews Photo Exhibition in Tokyo) (Cooperation with The Embassy of Korea in Japan)

2012. 11  

KBEE2012 Osaka (bntnews Photo Exhibition), (Cooperation with The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, KOTRA)

2012. 12  

Awarded by Ministry of Public Administration and Security for developing communities in Korea and abroad

2013. 01  

Press support to the 8th Asia Model Awards

Organized BBA2013 (bntnews Brand Awards)

Awarded Achievement Trophy for exchange Korean culture with other countries (KMA)

2013. 02  

Organized bnt world ‘2013 ASF(Asia Style Festival)’

(Cooperation with The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, KBS, The Embassy of China in Korea, CCTV (China Television))

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